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Pumping A New Well
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Are you one of those people who has always wanted your own well... but could never afford it?

Are you tired of paying huge monthly bills and dealing with restrictions and limits to your water supply?

Would you like your own source of virtually free, pure, fresh water?

Well now you can have it! With our new revolutionary system you can drill a well in your backyard at a fraction of the cost of other water well drilling systems - so cheap in fact, that your well will probably pay for itself just by saving you the cost of a few water bills - and then start making you money!

This new system is unlike any you've ever seen before; it doesn't involve derricks and trucks, it doesn't involve heavy steel pipe, it doesn't involve endless hammering and pounding, and it doesn't involve thousands of dollars worth of special equipment. You don't need to be a mechanical genius and you don't have to have bulging muscles like Rambo. In fact, most of the work is so easy a child can do it!

It works like this: a small but powerful air-powered drill is attached to the end of a length of pipe. The drill turns a specially designed drill bit which cuts the hole. Simple enough, right? Now comes the cool part. The exhaust from the air tool is ejected up the back side of the drill, and up the pipe. This creates a vacuum at the back of the drill, which sucks water into the pipe. This water is then blown up the pipe and out on the ground, which in turn creates a new vacuum, which sucks in water, which gets pumped out... and voila! We have a pumping system to remove tailings from our well!

The pipe itself never twists, only the bit at the very end of the pipe turns. And since this system IS so simple, and since there are so few parts to this system it is incredibly inexpensive when compared to every other home well drilling system on the market, which often cost several thousand dollars!

The fastest way to start drilling your own well is to buy our completely Ready-To-Drill kit, which includes all the specialized parts and items you'll need, as well as most everything else that can be shipped through the mail! And all orders on our website over $75 include free shipping!

Or, if you're handy in the shop and you'd rather build the kit yourself from scratch, or if you're not ready to commit to buying a kit yet, consider our How To Drill Your Own Well In Your Backyard! Plans And DVD set, which gives you complete instructions on how to fabricate your own kit from scratch along with all the sources you'll need to assemble the parts!

And if after buying the Plans and DVD you decide you'd like to go ahead and buy the kit, the price of the plans is FULLY REFUNDABLE towards the purchase of our Ready-To-Drill kit!

You can see our catalog by clicking here:

And don't miss our of pictures sent in by customers around the world who drilled their well using this system! (And don't forget to send us your pictures!)

And if you don't understand any part of how the system works and want a better explanation, watch the videos below, check out our Frequently Asked Questions and if you can't find your answer there, don't hesitate to contact us and we will do our best to explain it to you!

To contact us, click here and use the form at the bottom of the frequently asked questions!

The best way to understand this system is by watching it in action; so here are a few short videos showing how the process works and what sort of power the drill can deliver!

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Drill Your Own Water Well!