• Build A Better Greenhouse Kit - 10'x15'

This is a kit including all the hard-to-find parts for building your own greenhouse; at this price, it will probably save you most of the cost of the greenhouse kit just in gas alone trying to track down all these parts!

What's included:

1 - Plans/DVD set containing complete information on how to construct this greenhouse for yourself. If already purchased, the price you paid for the DVD (29.95) will be refunded - just enter the coupon code found on the last page of the plans at checkout.

2 - pieces of 4-year, 6 mil, UV resistant greenhouse plastic - 18' and 8'.
1 - 18' piece of weedblock for the floor.
1 - 250' of T-tape (to staple the plastic down).

12 - 2.5", 1/4-20 carriage bolts with nuts and lock washers.
8 - 3.5" decking screws.
48 - 3" decking screws.
25 - 1.5" decking screws.
1 - square-headed driver for the decking screws.
50 - 1.25" galvanized, self-tapping drywall screws.
22 - 5/16" galvanized, self-tapping roofing screws with washer

That is most of the hardware you'll need. You'll only have to find these additional items locally:

Wood/steel/toprail (roughly $200, depending on local pricing).
Staples/staplegun. ($30 or so)
Fan/shutter/thermostat (optional - about $120).
Gangnails/mending plates to tie the corner of the baseboard together. (About $2.00)

The details on those items are in the first chapters of the plans.

Build A Better Greenhouse Kit - 10'x15'

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