• Never Buy A PVC Fitting Again!

We live a long ways from town, and PVC fittings are getting more expensive all the time; so we started making our own. This video shows you how to make your own PVC fittings; couplings, 45, 90, even 180 degree angles; sweep and street Ls, adapters, reducers, and much more. It also works with CPVC and many other types of pipe

All that is required for most fittings is a heat gun and some PVC pipe of the size coupling, L, adapter, or whatever that you want to create.

However, and even more importantly, this video ALSO teaches you how to recover used PVC fittings and make them as good as new!

If you can find a plumber to give you old used PVC fittings, you can restore them and you need never buy any fitting again!

Watch this short video to better understand what this video can teach you to do!

Never Buy A PVC Fitting Again!

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