• Premier Bucket Classifier

Soon after I started prospecting, I realized that one of the major problem areas of prospecting is classifying. To do a good job of sluicing or panning, all dirt must be classified down to no more than a half-inch, and quarter-inch is even better.

But every commercially available classifying screen was designed to fit into the top of a bucket - just barely. To use it, you had to have your bucket full of water, and you could only classify a shovelful at a time.

I quickly saw that this was costing me tons of time; so I invented a better way. My classifier bucket is, I bashfully admit, the best classifying screen made for a bucket. I would happily put myself and this bucket up against ten people and any ten classifying screens on the market - and win.

It's that fast. Take any 5-gallon bucket - I use a "Homer" bucket from Home Depot - put my premier classifier in it. Then fill a 2-gallon bucket with material and dump the whole thing in at once; lift, shake a few times, lift, shake, and it's classified; dump it into a pile (you can metal detect the large rocks later), and repeat.

In 2 minutes, max, you've dug and processed up 2 gallons of raw material. No other classifier on the market can come CLOSE to that. And as you know, in the gold fields, more time means more material processed; more material processed means more money. More money means that this classifier, will pay for itself in no time!

The other advantages of this classifier include:

1. It can operate with much less water. The bucket needs to have less than 2 gallons in it to classify a shovelful of material, which means no splashing; in areas where water conservation is an issue, this is a big deal.

2. It's tough; it's built out of expanded metal, not plastic like every other classifier out there. It's built for WORK. I want to FIND gold, not play around with it.

3. It classifies to 3/8", which is a good compromise size. Rocks that will pass through here will not interfere with the operation of a sluice, rocks that are caught are not likely to be nuggets - and if they are, a metal detector will easily catch them in the pile.

4. The handles come off for easy shipping and it stores inside of a 5-gallon bucket easily. It has large rugged hand-grips for comfortable twisting and jigging.

After my gold pan, this is the most valuable tool I own. I use it myself every time I prospect. I worked mine HARD for 3 months, almost every day, so I know how well these things work - and how long they last.

This is 100% made in the USA. It is welded of high-quality materials and built to work. You can process up ten times the dirt you're processing with other classifiers; that's money in your pocket. It's not an expense - it's an investment. And it comes with FREE SHIPPING!

Premier Bucket Classifier

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