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Water well drilling kits and supplies

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Water Well Drilling Instructional Course - Plans And DVD
If you want to drill a well in your backyard cheaper and easier than you ever thought possible, this..
Drill A Well In Your Backyard - DELUXE Ready-To-Drill Kit!
This is our new deluxe ready-to-drill kit! It contains everything you need to buy from us to drill y..
Air Lubricator/Oiler/Dehumidifer/Regulator
This is essential for the maintenance of the drilling tool while drilling - and a good tool to have ..
Drilling Mud
This drilling mud is a specially formulated long chained polymer designed to increase surface tensio..
Make Your Own Well Screen Tool
The shipping size makes it expensive for us to ship well screen to you, and so it can be prohibitive..
Never Buy A PVC Fitting Again!
We live a long ways from town, and PVC fittings are getting more expensive all the time; so we start..
Deluxe Rock/Clay Drilling Bit - for 3" Casing
This bit is specially designed for more difficult wells. This bit has a hollow center to reduce drag..
Deluxe Rock/Clay Drilling Bit - for 4" Casing
This bit is for drilling wells with 4 inch casing. The actual dimensions on this bit are 5.75", and ..
Deluxe Rock/Clay Drilling Bit - for 6" Casing
This 8" bit will drill a large enough hole for 6" casing. However, you MUST use a smaller bit, such ..
Food Grade Air Tool Oil
Air Tool Oil is a specially designed oil which does not mix with water to form a gelatinous solid. T..
Motor Rebuild Kit
While the drill motor that ships with our kit has quite a long life (40-100 hours) if properly maint..
Air Powered Water Pump
This is the air powered pump described in Chapter 14 of the plans; if you'd prefer not to take the t..
Expansion Chamber and Drill
This is the actual drill - the heart of the system. However, you need more than this to drill a well..