• Air Powered Water Pump

This is the air powered pump described in Chapter 14 of the plans; if you'd prefer not to take the trouble to build it yourself, we offer it here. It is powered by air, of which only a relatively low volume is required (as low as 40 PSI may be adequate) to pump your well. It can even pump water that is very dirty. This is the ideal tool to pump the silt out of your well after you case it, before installing a regular jet or submersible pump.

The only drawback to this pump is that you are not able to use it to pressurize a house or other water system; due to the way the air lift pump works, by floating the water out on bubbles of air, the flow that comes out the end of the pump is about 70% air mixed with about 30% water (exact proportions vary widely with depth, head, pressure and volume). This is only suitable for pumping silt out of your well, or pumping your cleaned well into an open sprinkler, pond, or an unpressurized tank.

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Air Powered Water Pump

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