While the drill motor that ships with our kit has quite a long life (40-100 hours) if properly maintained and oiled, things happen; perhaps an interruption in the air supply causes the internals to be damaged; maybe the oiler ran out of oil while you weren't watching and your bearings wore out. Or, perhaps you are just trying to drill a well in a particularly obstinate soil which took more time than expected.

In any case, the drill housing itself is seldom damaged. The fastest and easiest way to get back to drilling is to order a new motor, which allows you to just unscrew the old one, and screw in the new one, attach the drill bit, and you're good as new.


PLEASE NOTE! By default, you will be sent the rebuild kit. But if you purchased your drill BEFORE April of 2013, you need to ask for the "Replacement drill motor" in the "Comments" section during checkout. Don't remember when you ordered your drill? You can tell because we changed the air hose color at that time to keep it simple. Drills with a BLACK air hose can use the rebuild kit, but drills with a RED air hose MUST have the replacement drill motor! The rebuild kit will NOT work for a drill with a RED air hose.

PLEASE NOTE! This item cannot be used to drill a well by itself! It is only the internal parts of the motor, to drill a well you MUST buy either an expansion chamber/drill or one of our ready-to-drill kits!

*All orders over $75 ship with free shipping to the continental U.S.!*

Motor Rebuild Kit

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