If you want to drill a well in your backyard cheaper and easier than you ever thought possible, this DVD and instruction booklet will make your dream a reality! The DVD takes you step-by-step through the drilling process from assembling the drilling rig all the way through to casing your well! Drilling a well CAN be an easy, inexpensive process - even to someone without a great deal of technical know-how!

Meanwhile the plans contain step-by-step instructions for assembling the kit, drilling the well, important information about the geology of well drilling, a section of Frequently Asked Questions, and a complete set of instructions for making your own tools and bits.

This is not just a user manual. This teaches you how to drill wells - a daunting subject made simple. It's also not an infomercial for the drill. You don't have to ever buy another thing from us if you don't want to - the DVDs show you how to do everything for yourself, including making the drill from scratch from locally available materials.Of course, you'll save time and probably have a slightly more powerful product if you buy our kit, but many people have drilled their own well using nothing more than this DVD and the tools they made at home.

While drilling a well with our Ready-To-Drill kit requires little mechanical knowledge, no experience, and only a moderate amount of physical strength, redesigning a tool from scratch to assemble your own kit does require a few mechanical abilities and even then it may be a bit intimidating at first. But don't worry! If you buy the plans, like the idea of drilling your own well but don't feel up to the challenge of building your own kit, the purchase of this DVD and booklet are REFUNDABLE towards the purchase of a complete ready-to-drill kit!

That's right! If after buying these plans you decide to go ahead and buy our complete kit, we'll completely refund the purchase price of the plans and DVD!! So if you're still on the fence about drilling your own well, this is the best place to start!

Water Well Drilling Instructional Course - Plans And DVD

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