• Deluxe Rock/Clay Drilling Bit - for 3" Casing

This bit is specially designed for more difficult wells. This bit has a hollow center to reduce drag on the motor. Also, because it has no center it greatly reduces clay balling up at the tip, the primary cause of slow drilling in clay.

It also includes the same hard surfacing as we used to use on our rock bit, the hardest (and most expensive, and slowest to apply) hard surfacing we can buy short of diamonds, to ensure a long life.

If you expect a lot of clay or rock while drilling your well, consider buying this bit; it can often drill two to three times faster than other bits, and faster in sand, too.

This bit is for 2" or 3" casing. The actual dimensions on this bit are 3.75", designed to fit inside of 4" PVC casing. This bit is NOT for installing 4" casing.

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Deluxe Rock/Clay Drilling Bit - for 3" Casing

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