So here's how the system works:

A powerful air-powered drill is attached to the end of a length of pipe. The drill turns a specially designed drill bit which cuts the hole. The pipe itself never twists, only the bit at the very end of the pipe turns. Simple enough, right? Now comes the cool part. The exhaust from the air tool is blown out the back side of the drill, and up the inside of the pipe. This creates a vacuum at the back of the drill, which sucks water into the pipe.

This water is then blown up the pipe by the exhaust air and out on the ground, which in turn creates a new vacuum, which pulls in water, which gets pumped out... and voila! We have a pumping system to remove tailings from our well!

This system is extremely affordable and very easy-to-use compared to every other home well drilling system on the market, which often cost several thousand dollars! We've shipped kits to over 25 countries and virtually every US state! It's also super-portable weighing only 7 pounds, so it can reach areas that conventional well drilling rigs simply cannot go! The only requirement is a large air compressor as a power source. If you don't already have one, these can be rented pretty much anywhere in the world.

We recommend you start by buying and watching our detailed and carefully explained Well Drilling Instructional Course DVDs contain everything you'll need to know to drill a successful well, from where to drill to how to grout and case your well to comply with local codes. After that, you will understand exactly what you need to do to prepare for your well, and you'll know exactly what you'll need to buy. And when you're ready to buy a kit, the price of the DVDs is FULLY REFUNDABLE towards the purchase of our kit!

You can make the entire kit yourself using the information contained in the DVD course, but the fastest and best way to is to buy our Ready-To-Drill kit, which includes most of the specialized parts and items you'll need!

You can see visit our catalog and see our products. Don't miss our Photo and Video Gallery of pictures sent in by customers around the world who drilled their well using this system! (And don't forget to send us your pictures!)

The best way to understand this system is by watching it in action, so watch the short videos below showing how it works! And after that, check out our Ask Us page and if you can't find your answer there, don't hesitate to use the form at the bottom of the page!

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