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Your private information will never be sold, loaned, rented or given to any third party. Your financial information is handled directly by via a secure connection and is never accessible to us. (Updated 2/16/12)

Like using any tool, well drilling can be dangerous in inexperienced hands; we at Pinnacle Switch Builders, Inc. strongly recommend that you only attempt to drill a well if you have experience using similar tools and following safety protocols. Failure to do this can result in serious personal injury and damage to or possible loss of the tools and other parts.

Pinnacle Switch Builders Inc., doing business as Well-Tek will not be responsible for injuries incurred while drilling your well or using the materials in the kit(s), or for damage to or loss of tools or materials while drilling due to carelessness or neglect, not following recommended safety precautions, not following the plans, or for cave-ins or accidents that occur while downhole.

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